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Digital Experience Grants


Our digital experience grants

As per the current situation in regards to COVID-19, we understand the struggle businesses are going through hence we offer digital grants to support businesses across the United Kingdom. Our digital grants are not government-backed. This is our sole attempt to support businesses across the United Kingdom by designing, developing, and marketing their digital experiences under the digital grants we offer.

We understand the struggle

Understanding the struggle businesses are surpassing during this difficult time, we now offer digital website grants for businesses in the United Kingdom. When you approach our website design team at Flex Digital Agency with your digital requirement, we will contribute £399 towards the new website build. Again this is not a government-backed scheme, we are solely providing this scheme to help struggling businesses regardless of current positions (start-ups and or established businesses).

As per this grant, your website must be designed and developed by Flex Digital Agency, our prices for website design are preset so it’ll be a case of knocking £399 off your total bill. Further to that, you comply with a 6 month minimum commitment to one of our SEO Packages which have been priced to help.

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