How Google Webmaster Affects Your SEO?

How Google Webmaster Affects Your SEO?

Google Webmaster Tools, or more commonly known as GWT, is a great way to examine the technical features of a website. In addition to that, they are also beneficial for essential SEO improvement. There are several ways to improve your on-page SEO, but not many people know about them. But worry not; we are here to make this easier for you. Using these few steps will upgrade your on-page SEO In ways you can’t imagine. So let’s get to it.

Content Keywords:

In this tool, you can find the content keywords under the Google index. This tool gives you an insight into how google predicts your website even if it differs from what you think your website is about.

Google enables you to see the keywords, variations, and significance it sees on your website even if it is not what you have used. If the keywords suggested by Google are different from what you considered your keywords to be, it simply means that you have not optimized what the users are searching for and that you need to build up more content around the relevant keywords. And for your convenience, it also mentions the page on which the keywords (identified by Google) are.

HTML Improvement:

HTML improvement, which is found under search appearance, helps you identify any issues with title tags and meta descriptions of your website, enabling you to make sure that your website uses optimized title tags and unique meta descriptions.

Structured data:

SEO can help you with traffic and ranking. Structured data is essential when it comes to SEO since it describes the content of everything on your website to search engines. Moreover, with the help of structured data, Google Webmaster Tools using its feature shows the type of structured data detected on your website by Google. Not only this, but it will also detect all the URLs containing each of the structured data.


It is a valuable section that helps you view all the sitemaps either Google has found, or you have added, paired with statistics, for example, the number of pages that have been submitted as well as indexed. You can view the statistics based on different types, such as video, images, news, and kind of content.

Furthermore, you can use the sitemap test option, which is a handy feature because it allows Google to scan the URL of the sitemap (that you will have to provide), and if there are any errors, you will get to know.

Data Markup Helper

The Data Markup Helper lets you tag different data fields such as for events, for work, etc. And worry not, this tool is very simple to use. All you need to do is use your mouse as a pointer, and it highlights crucial data pieces on the web pages they need to be highlighted in. The best part? You don’t even have to worry about HTML changes.

If you aren’t familiar with the website’s technical aspects, this might be a bit confusing for you, but in reality, all of this is really easy and beneficial to use. So don’t let the fancy words confuse you and improve your website’s SEO for the better.

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