How Black Hat SEO Is Killing Your Business?

How Black Hat SEO Is Killing Your Business?

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Black Hat SEO

Everyone wants their business to grow. To be better than everyone else. People want success and they want it badly. Most startup businesses turn to black hat SEO techniques that might seem harmless to the naked eye but can be enough to shut down your startup.

Black hat SEO are clever shortcuts that one can use, knowing that they go against rules laid by search engine optimization. In short, they aren’t the best and the nicest practices to use. However, that doesn’t stop people.

Now Google is really good at identifying Black hat SEO and penalizing them. You can either be using these techniques without knowing they aren’t allowed, or you might know that but still don’t care. This can lead to manual penalty and worst-case scenario, de-indexing of your website.


Black Hat SEO Techniques That Affect Your Business

Paid Links

Black hat SEO to put it simply, paid links are any kind of links that have been bought, for one purpose only, so they look good to search engines. The backlinks are purchased so that lots of websites link back to yours, then obviously you need to have an authority site, Nevertheless, these low-quality links are gathered through link farms, thus they increase in volume and are almost always useless and irrelevant. If detected, Google WILL penalize you for not following the guidelines, and Google may penalize you.


This is a sly way of increasing the number of people that visit your website and is done by tricking the search engine into thinking that content, that is not your content, is part of your website. Again, this is a violation of Google’s Webmaster guidelines, Black hat SEO risky, so why take the risk?

Spam Comments

This is another really common technique used, usually through bots. These spam comments are comments that link back to unrelated websites. This way, people spam the links to their websites everywhere.

Keyword Stuffing

The name says it all. In this Black hat technique, writers overuse the keywords in the text, so they are more easily picked up by the engine. It might seem harmless but it can lead the text to be very forced, unnatural, and irritating to those who read it. When using keywords in any content, the writing should sound natural and the words must fit with what you are saying. Producing good quality content is a great way to attract an audience and increase SEO.

Using Invisible Texts

In this practice, people hide texts, mostly keywords, on their websites. This is usually done by using the same color for the text as the background. So the person reading the text won’t be able to see it, but it will be picked up by the search engine.

Sometimes the shortcut sounds easy, but it’s not worth it. Using white hat SEO means producing content of good quality that is enjoyed and appreciated by the user. This is the right and reliable way. Search Engine Optimization has improved over time, so getting away with the wrong techniques might have been easy in the past, but not anymore. Choose the right techniques so you don’t risk killing your business.

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